Abby McDonnell

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Email: amm18 [at] illinois [dot] edu

CV: Link (last updated 1/19/2023)

Pronouns: she/her


Abby is an undergraduate student majoring in atmospheric sciences at UIUC. She has really enjoyed being able to analyze climate model data with Cristi, and hopes to continue similar research in the future. Abby is most interested in the climate aspects of atmospheric sciences, but also appreciates learning about atmospheric dynamics through her major. She is very excited with what the future has to hold, and is looking forward to presenting her research involving weighting climate models based on past performances.

Abby grew up in Cary, Illinois and is happy that she is close to home while attending UIUC. In her free time, she enjoys performing music. She is involved in choir and plays guitar and ukulele. She also loves musical theater, and is embarrassed to admit her Spotify wrapped this year is going to be dominated by it. Finally, Abby enjoys playing video games with her friends when she has the time.

A. McDonnell, A. M. Bauer, C. Proistosescu. Evaluating constraints on future cliamte change based on model skill over the historical record. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Chicago, IL 2022. Poster