Climate Dynamics and Data Science at UIUC

Tackling the science of climate change and how it will impact the world.

Phone: +1 (217) 300 1909

Coupled climate dynamics

Atmosphere, oceans, biomass, glaciers and land surface as interacting components of the dynamics ...

Heat wave physics

We are interested in formulating conceptual models that explain the fundamental physics of extrem...

Improving climate change forecasts

Refine climate models projection by providing constraints with historical observation and evaluat...

Exploratory projects

At CDDS @ UIUC, we’re always looking for new, exciting areas of research to explore. Group mem...

Climate economics

We are studying how climate risk impacts the cost of carbon dioxide emissions. ...


Using past climate proxies to constrain future climate projections. ...

New Paper by CDDS@UIUC! logo

New Paper by CDDS@UIUC!

Adam and Cristi's climate economics paper was accepted to Climatic Change!
New members joining CDDS@UIUC! logo

New members joining CDDS@UIUC!

Maile and Pappu joined in Fall 2022 as Ph.D. students.
CDDS members talking at AGU 2022! logo

CDDS members talking at AGU 2022!

Adam and Rachel will be giving talks at AGU's fall meeting in Chicago this year.